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Portrait on Canvas

We specialize in creating unique, custom designed photo paintings.
Portrait On Canvas starting from  - $199.  
We can create different size canvas portraits of up to 40”x 60”. 
Please contact us  for an estimate.  

Note: All Canvas prints are stretched and mounted over a wooden frame ready to be professionally framed or hanged on the wall unframed. A gloss sheen is applied to the canvas to give a print that “finished” look. The inks are UV pigmented based therefore they have longer lasting span and are more resistant to the sun. With proper care and elimination of direct sun light your portrait has the potential to last a lifetime.


Each restoration work involves close examination of the photo and consultation where we will give you information about what can and what can not be restored.  At this time we will also give you a price estimate.

The price is for one image and includes restoration work only. 
See Reprints Pricing section to check the print size desired and the price.
Each restoration work is estimated before the order is placed.
    Minor:         $25+ 
    Medium:    $50+
    Major:         $100+

Turn Black & White to Color
We can colorize black & white photo.  The results may vary, depending on the original photo and the extend of damage.  If original photo is black & white the resulting colorized photo  will look like a hand painted photo.  See our Restoration Gallery for and example.   
Colorization price will be estimated and is in addition to the restoration work. Starts at $25+

Textured Paper
If your original is on highly textured paper or has a pattern throughout, some texture will remain visible even after the photo has been restored.  We do our best on trying to remove the texture on the subject face,  this may result in a slight loss of sharpness. See our Restoration Gallery for and example.   

Restored Photo Enlargements
Enlargements may highlight damage and look blurry.  We will advise you at the consultation if it is possible to enlarge a restored photo and to which size.  Our  recommendation is to stay close to the original size of the photo.

Poster / Collage / Design

We can create posters for your home display, business add, collage for any family, wedding, anniversary, religious, birthday and graduation party events. We can create posters up to 30”x 40” in size.  Please contact us for an estimate.

  • Poster

  • Collage

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Calendars

  • Custom Invitations

  • Mouse Pad

  • Puzzles

Prices are subject to change without notice.


2008 Best of Images Finalist
Landscape Category

2007 Best of Images Finalist
Fine Art Category








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